Thoughts: Harry Potter 3 Audiobook

Click to see my thoughts on Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone Audiobook.

-Need I say it? Brilliant.
-The ending was my favorite out of all of them so far. I actually went, "Awwwww" and couldn't stop smiling for 5 minutes.
-I remembered one thing that bugged me: whenever someone says "uh-oh", it sounds really strange. And Hermione's voice was kind of weird again, but I'm getting used to it.
-I can't get over how amazing the voices are. I let my sister listen to a little bit of it (she's already read them all but the last one) and she thought it was incredible too. Now she wants to go get the last book on audio. Score.

So then I watched the movie; thoughts:
-Harry grew up! :( sigh. He was so cute when he was little
-I really do like the old Dumbledore better, but McKellan was okayyy. You could tell he's gay though, more than in other movies. Something about his voice... ehh.
-Radcliffe(harry)'s acting really improved as he aged, which I was happy about. I'm not saying he was a bad actor in the previous movies, but some people lose it when they get older. Haha, I loved the beginning scene.
-Even though I'd already seen the movie, it was really neat seeing it again because I'd forgotten quite a few things, and I liked comparing it to the audiobook. It wasn't annoying at all.

Has anyone else tried the audiobook?
By the way, incase you were wondering, Jim Dale narrates it. Just so you know.


  1. I just finished reading the 3rd Harry Potter book and I loved it! I haven't tried the audiobook.

  2. The third movie was the first HP one I had ever watched. I liked the overall acting, but I didn't like how they messed up the storyline. (Like Harry getting his Firebolt in the last 10 seconds of the movie!)

  3. Haha, yeah that didn't bother me much. I thought it was put in nicely, but I DID want to see the last quidditch match :( sigh.

  4. Actually, it's not Ian McKellen who played Dumbledore. It's Michael Gambon. Just FYI. I'm a movie nerd so I would know. I really wish McKellen had played Dumbledore (he's one of my favorite actors), but Gambon does a pretty good job.


  5. Ah! I saw that the other day, and was going to go back and change it, but I forgot... *sigh*

    But thank you :)


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