Thoughts: Harry Potter 2 Audiobook

Making my way through the HP series on audiobook :) Here's my thoughts on the second:

-either someone complained, or they just realized Hermione's voice was creepy in the first book, because I noticed a marked change in her voice that was far better and much less annoying. Bravo!
-I gasped quite a few times out of shock, and was white-knuckled during the climax, so no excitement lost. (it's unabridged if you were wondering... so its basically just like reading it)
-I kept thinking throughout how perfect the voices of the characters were. Jim Dale is excellent. Once I finish HP, I'm going to see what else he has narrated.
-again, it's not like someone reading you a story, it's like someone telling you a story, but far more exciting than when your friends do it ;) haha jk.... but really.

That's about it. I'm falling in love with the HP audiobooks, because I don't really have time to read the big fat things as well as other book I want to, and I've found the audiobooks to be quite brilliant and amazing. Really. 
I know some of you don't believe me.
*gives up*


  1. I'm seriously thinking of giving these a try. I am listening to I Am Legend the unabridged version (I don't really think I would like anything but the unabridged version, I don't mind being read to =D )


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