Review: Fade, by Lisa McMann

Click to see my review of the first book, Wake.

Janie's been hard at work since the drug bust she assisted in. Of course the Captain likes having Janie on the team, because of her ability to "dreamwalk" and catch the criminals. 
And things with Cabel are going great.
When the anonymous Crimebusters hotline gets a call that doesn't make much sense, Janie is asked to investigate (a.k.a. look through people's dreams/nightmares for clues). Janie thinks she might just have to get a little closer in on the action.

Is it safe? No.
Does she still do it? Of course.

I stand by my thoughts of the first book, but whereas that one had an exciting and original plot, this plot just disgusted me. Yes, it's a quick read (like 3 hours) and there is action that keeps the pages flipping, but the plot just didn't... appeal to me. I didn't really want to read about all that.
If creepy teacher/student relationships don't bother you, go ahead, but it's my opinion that McMann should have stuck with Wake and left it at that. Or follow it with a story that doesn't make me want to barf.
Oh, and let me copy this little bit from my review of Wake.
I didn't really like the style. There's a lot of very simple sentences [i.e. "Janie is happy" and the like] and a billion sentences without nouns, which annoys the living daylights out of me. 
is like that too. Which is good, I guess, and not really suprising. I just thought I'd mention it again.

So in all, I didn't really like the book. But it was quick and high-paced, so you might if you don't have a strong gag reflex like me ;) Just kidding. It wasn't all that terrible. There were redeeming qualities, like the wit (though most of it was full of cussing, which got annoying too) and Janie and Cabel's sweet relationship (though they just couldn't keep those pants on, could they? bleh. I change my mind. I didn't like the book at all.)

Rating: 1.5 Stars (for the wit and excitement)
Clean?: Inappropriate student/teacher relationships, some sexuality, lots of language
Length: 256 Pages (reads like 150 imo)

Oh right, I was going to add that I was a little surprised at the ending. Yay.


  1. I thought WAKE was all right...not sure if I want to read this one. Prob not.

  2. I thought this one was pretty neat. I'm still eager for the third one, I just REALLY hope it's better.


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