Hello all :) 
Just thought I'd let you know why there haven't been any reviews for like... a while. I've been really busy. No, really.
I got behind on school a little bit, then got a job (yay!) that will last 8 weeks but takes up a good amount of time, then had to prepare for a recognized horseshow that I went to friday, saturday, and sunday all day long. (but I got high point in my division, so it was worth it! YAY!)
So there's my excuses, and now I just want to let you know that I do have a review coming (13 Reasons Why... was fantastic, but more to come with the review). I'm in the middle of two other books too, but I'm not sure when I'll finish those. *whistles*
I'm going to the library tomorrow to get the 3rd HP audiobook, and I'm really excited. I've become, yes, addicted to them. They're fantastic.

So that's about it! Oh, another excuse... I won't be reviewing as much this month, because I really have to finish editing my NaNoWriMo story before I send out for my free proof copy :)

Anyway, I'm sorry about all this, but I will be back reviewing fast as I can when I'm all caught up with school and stuff. Maybe I'll do another contest when I finish with school...

OH! I got my license! *cheers*

Now I'm really done.


  1. Don't worry about the reviews. I'm enjoying hearing about your obsession with the HP audiobooks.


  2. Me too! I'm so thinking about picking up one!

    Congrats on your license =)

  3. CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR LICENSE! Wow, you're old. *shrinks*

  4. There's so much excellent good news here, that no one — not one person — would begrudge you time away from the blog. Congrats!

  5. thanks everyone! :)

    I'm very glad about my license too... very very!


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