Review: 13 Reasons Why (Jay Asher)

Clay Jensen receives a box of tapes days after Hannah Baker was found dead, having committed suicide. But Hannah committed suicide for a reason--13 reasons, to be exact. 13 reasons, 13 people.
And Clay is one of them.
But why has Clay received the tapes. He didn't do anything but make out with her once. That isn't enough to warrant a suicide, is it?

13 Reasons Why is a stunning portrayal of a girl's journey leading to suicide, and the affect that has on a boy invovled. It's heartbreaking and intense, but also deep and true to the fact that little things can all add up. Hannah was very real for me, and she will be for other readers too, because I think most people go through that 'stage' in life where little things just seem to pile up and go wrong. 
But as the pages flip, it leaves us aching for Hannah to come back, because we know there are people that would have listened, and there are people that love her.
Wow, it's just--good. Sad.
And even though we kind of know the ending, there's still the mystery around Clay that keeps up the intrigue, and even when his tape comes around, the intesity doesn't drop until after the very last page.
I liked the style... with the alternating Hannah's voice, and Clay's actions. Very affective, and not at all annoying.
So... Plot? check. Characters? check. Cover? ehh... fine, check. Affecting? CHECK. Style? Check :)

Stars: 5
Rating: PG for some language, sexuality
Length: 320 pages
Released? Yes.

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  1. Can you believe I've never read this?! Neither can I....

  2. I thought it was completely riveting, yet totaly depressing at the same time. It's still a good book, though I like comedy's way better, because they don't make me feel like slitting my wrists-not that I ever feel that way, it's just a metaphor...:-D

  3. I really liked this one too, but quite sad :(

  4. I just recently heard about this book, and it sounds amazing! I'm definitely going to read this.

  5. I saw this book featured in Teen Vogue and it does look really good. I'll have to check it out.


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