In My Mailbox Monday

I know its been a slow week, but I did manage a visit to the library...

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (Audiobook)
Impossible (Werlin)
The Great Call of China (Sass)
A Crooked Kind of Perfect (Urban)
I Heart you, You Haunt me (Schroeder)

Should put pictures up, but... I'm too lazy :)
And yes, I already finished HP3Audio.
Yes, I'm addicted.


  1. I have a story for you: A few weeks ago I was working in the back room at the library. I was checking books in when a hold popped up. I printed off the slip of paper and started to put it on the book, when I realized that the paper had YOUR name on it. I looked to see what book you were checking out, I wasn't surprised to find that it was the third harry potter book. THEN later that day I was shelving holds and I saw 3 books with your name on it that I got to shelve also. I was excited that I got to shelve your holds :)
    <3 DeAnna


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