Thoughts on Harry Potter 1 Audiobook

A little while ago I was thinking how awful it was that I hadn't read the Harry Potter books. Before you murder me, here's my reason: normally, if I read the book first then see the movie, it ruins the movie for me. So I decided to wait until all the movies came out.
Who knew it would take a hundred billion years?
So I decided that, yes, I'll go ahead and read them, why not? But as I looked at that biiiig book sitting on the shelf, and then thought about all the other books I needed to read, I shied away.
And then I thought: ...audiobook.

I had been wanting to listen to an audiobook, so there was my opportunity. I got the HP1 audiobook, downloaded the CD's, and listened to Harry Potter. 

-The reader was fantastic. It wasn't like someone reading you a story, it was like someone was telling you a story.
-The voices were perfect, and actually very similar to the movie (I've been meaning to look at which came first...)
-Oh, voices were good with the exclusion of Hermoine--she always sounded very quiet and whiny and slow. (i.e. my favorite was: "Oooooooooh, Haaaaaarrrrrryyyyyy"
And no kidding. Sound that out, and that's what she sounded like)
-But I have to forgive the reader, because Hermoine is a girl, and our reader is a guy.
-It didn't lose any emotion that I would have gotten from reading the book. 
-As a story, it was fantastic XD just thought I'd add that
-Everything was still very exciting
-I didn't tire of the voice of the storyteller, and am now listening to HP2, told by the same guy.

So if you haven't tried an audiobook, I really suggest anything by Jim Dale--this was wonderful!


  1. Hmmm...I haven't heard any of the Harry Potter audiobooks yet. I think I shall try the first one now.

    *skips off to get the first audiobook*

  2. perhaps i really should try him.

  3. I can't really do audiobooks, I end up bored out of my mind. Or colouring. And when you're 16 and colouring, you have a problem. XD

  4. Well I haven't started the HP books yet, so don't feel too bad. I'm not a big audiobook fan. But this does sound really good. I suppose if I had a good voice reading to me I'd enjoy it. I may have to check it out =D But I'm still planning on reading them. I have two of the HP books but not the beginning books.


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