Review: Storyteller by Edward Myers

SummaryAll Jack every wanted to do was tell stories, and now he's left his poor family to seek his fortune out in the Royal City. And once he's there, he tells stories to anyone who will listen--That is, until the King takes him and his bird, Loquasto, captive. Through an incredible turn of fates, Jack becomes the Royal Storyteller. But that job entails more than he could have imagined, because Jack's storytelling could change the future of the kingdom.
Storyteller is full of mystery, fights, beautiful princesses and unruly princes. And most of all, it's full of stories.

ReviewI liked it, I really did. It was really original and everything, but there was just something missing. There was no emotional attachment really. The only way I can explain it, is that it seems like it was written to be read aloud. This is the first book I've read that I think would be better as an audiobook.
It was fairly predictable at first, but did get more mysterious as it went on. There were some things left unexplained at the end (particularly about a character named Zephyrio), but not annoyingly so. 
The whole 'grandfather telling grandson story' was entirely too reminiscent of Princess Bride. That annoyed me more than anything.
But the story itself... I kind of liked it. It was different. But I would reccommend it for a bit younger audiences.

Stars: 3.5
Rating: G
Length: 288 Pages
Released: Yes

(p.s. there's one available used on Amazon for $2... just so you know)

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  1. Not really my kind of book but I like your blog! I followed you on twitter too. Keep up the good blog work!


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