Thoughts: Harry Potter 5 Audiobook and Movie

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(for some reason I forgot to review HP 4... I think I got carried away and rushed to start 5 *blush*)
So, book 5.
The Order of the Phoenix.

a.k.a. The Most Depressing Book in the Entire World.
I've gone through today (2 days AFTER finishing it) completely depressed, and thinking about the *big sad thing* that happens in this book. I just can't freaking believe it.
But once I'm over that, I'd like to gush about Jim Dale's narrating skills once again. Those who have heard me gush 3 time previously can skip ahead ;)
He does all the voices perfectly. Even Hermione's is good (whether I've just gotten used to it, or he's gotten better at it, I'm not sure...), which is suprising for a guy reader, and Professor McGonnagil is FANTASTIC. It's never boring, the funny parts are even funny, and the stunning parts leave your mouth open. Again, it's not like someone is reading to you, it's like an very talented person is telling you a story. That's the best I can describe it.

Okay, so my only negative remark is that Hagred got a little annoying (yeah I know! Very sad). I'm not sure if this would have happened had I read the book, but Jim Dale didn't change his voice or anything so I don't know what it was. Did anyone else feel this way, or am I just a loner?
But I feel like a traitor saying that because the rest was so... there just isn't anything to describe it. Pick the best adjective you can think of.

Then I watched the movie, so here are my thoughts on that:
This is actually the first movie I felt didn't go with the book well enough. The order of things was switched around somewhat. What was that about Cho spilling?! And Dumbledore's speech to Harry at the end (which was very emotional, and very important, I felt) was cut completely down to like 5 seconds! O.O Awful!
Luna Lovegood was... weird, but I think she was quite close to how I imagined her. Though I was hoping she would have more, ahem, "protuberant eyes". But anyway.
I actually did like how the movie portrayed Fred and George (my favorite characters by FAR), especially the scene the director added where they're comforting their kid. It made their characters a little deeper, and put my "respect" for them way, way up.
The battle was well done, I thought, though I did miss that they didn't show the brain attacking Ron ;) and his fit of giggles. That would have been great, but i suppose would have distracted from the siriousness of the moment (no pun intended.)

So, is anyone else getting caught up for the movie coming out in a month? XD I can't freaking wait. Midnight release, anyone?


  1. I'm thinking about going for the midnight release of HP6...

  2. I want to SO bad :) Going to have to buy tickets like a week ahead though... haha

    And of course find a friend to drag along.

  3. HOPING for midnight release!! :)


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