Review: The Lost Queen by Frewin Jones

Anita Palmer/Princess Tania is struggling to determine who she really is: faerie or human? The only thing she's sure of is Edric, the brown-eyed boy she loves. But all at once, things fall apart in the Mortal and Faerie Worlds.
Though Gabriel Drake has been banished, he still has a dangerous hold over Tania. 
Tania has been catching glimpses of the past lives of her faerie spirit, and it isn't too pleasant.
Tania's parents have banned her from seeing Edric.
And how is she supposed to find the lost Queen Titania?

Quirky and fun, The Lost Queen is book two of the FAERIE PATH series. The plot is interesting and well-formed. The ending cliffhanger is a wonderful teaser for the next book. 
But don't expect too much other than a fun story. The FAERIE PATH books are a good summer read if you like faeries. It's a little cheesy, but I still loved the sweet relationship between Tania and her sisters, and the tense relationship between her and her mortal parents.
Frewin Jones shows Tania's internal conflict well. I find myself wondering what I would choose if I were her, and I can't wait to see which realm Tania will choose. 

Rating: 3.5 Stars
Clean?: Completely
Length: 335 Pages
Most Like: The Unicorn Chronicles


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