In My Mailbox Monday (and a heads-up/update)

Hey guys :) What's up?
I'm going to FLORIDA for a week, that's what's up with me.
Which means, I won't be posting for a while (I know, I haven't been posting much anyway, but it's been busy). In any case, I should be able to get a lot of reading done while I'm down there, so there should be some more reviews coming your way!
And now, for In My Mailbox:

(Signed!! EEKKK!!)

From the Library:
The Graveyard Book


If I Stay

Yay! So I didn't really get anything in the *mail*, per se. But I did get some pretty awesome books, no less :)
How about you?


  1. I got a lot of books from the library--too many to list! I've been wanting to read all of the books on this post, but there are so many holds on those books at the library! (Espeically for The Graveyard Book.) So I probably won't be getting to read those books anytime soon unless I buy them...:(

  2. You still havn't read graceling?! shame. :) lol no I'm jk, but it's good. Not as good as hunger games, but still good.

  3. priya- I was at #70 on the list for the graveyard book, but it actually went by really fast! I think when libraries have multiple copies it really helps :)

    amy- I know, I know. And what's more:
    I haven't read hunger games yet.
    BUT I have it on my shelf!
    I just have to get to it... grrr.

  4. LUCKY! I want If I Stay and Wintergirls SO MUCH.


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