LHA Book Signing Pictures!

Some of you might know that DeAnna, Traci, and two of my other friends and I went to the Laurie Halse Anderson book signing here in Raleigh, NC. 
It. Was. Awesome.
She talked for a long time, and I loved every minute of it. Aaaand I got a pretty signed copy of Wintergirls, and I got my copy of Speak signed that I won from Lenore (thank you!). 
LHA talked for a time about Wintergirls, its name, annorexia, and life in general. Then she opened up to questions like: What advice would you give an aspiring author? and gave wonderful answers that I wish I had written down. I still remember bits and pieces, and I think Traci has a video that she'll put up soon :)

So here's a picture of me and Laurie Halse Anderson... she's signing my BOOKS. XD

And here's a random video my friend and I made.. nothing interesting really, just us rambling...

Here is a post DeAnna did about the signing :)


  1. oh how fun!!:):) I'm so jealous you got to meat laurie...she seems like an interesting person to talk to...and you're gorgeous btw!

  2. My favorite line:

    Me: "You didn't, you didn't pan around!"
    Emily: "Yes I did, I paned around enough."
    Me: "fine."

    haha love youuuu

  3. I feel so privileged to be mentioned on your blog ;) Just wait till the world reads your writing. You'll be so famous you won't know what to do with yourself :)

  4. I need to change my favorite line. I didn't quote it correctly ;)

    Me: "You didn't, you didn't pan around!"
    Emily: "Yes I did, I paned around enough."
    Me: *silence* "Anyways!"

    Another favorite moment is when I'm talking and you turn the camera away from me and I'm like "hey, I'm still talking!"


  5. you are beautiful emily :)
    looks like fun girls!!

  6. I wanted to go... but I'm stuck at a stupid school without a car. Grr.


  7. That's so exciting! Totally jealous of you all (=

  8. You are ABSOLUTELY adorable. I wish I could come to Quail Ridge someday!

    And thank you for always being there on the blog. It means so much.


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