Review: The Faerie Path

Anita has a pretty good life. She’s been spending time with her amazing boyfriend, her parents are pretty cool, and her 16th birthday is almost here. But when an accident on a boat ride puts her in the hospital, things start happening to Anita. Is she just dreaming of this world where she is a Princess Tania, the daughter of Oberon? Is her boyfriend really the servant of her betrothed, using deceptive means to bring her to the world of Faerie? It shouldn’t be possible. It couldn’t be possible.

I found The Faerie Path to be an entertaining, light read. It is written very plainly, making it available to younger ages as well. Truthfully, I was expecting a little more “faerie”ness, and most of the book is about Anita finding out who she really is, who she really wants to be. So that was a bit of a let-down, but for people who aren’t into the hard-core fantasy, The Faerie Path should be delightful. None of the characters are extremely well developed, but that is to be expected from a book this length.

But it’s fun. It’s about faeries. That’s all that matters. ;)

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  1. That's right! It's about faeries. And that's all that matters.



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