Borders Adventure

Yesterday I took a trip to borders with my sister and my sister's friend and my sister's friend's sister (who is also my friend). Now that you understand all of that, let me begin my tale...
So we enter borders all together, and head for the Seattle's Best cafe. I wasn't feeling particularly interested in any coffee (for some unknown reason...), and my sister's friend headed off to the books. So I thought, "I'll go look at some books too. Of course, I won't buy any... of course." My sister's friend's sister came with me, and we argued about types of books that were better than others (she doesn't like books with talking animals or underprivileged beings. She also doesn't like much fantasy, so I set about finding her a fantasy book she *would* like, because I can't stand people who don't think fantasy is good... She later admitted she had read and enjoyed BOTH the Harry Potter series AND the Inheritance Trilogy, which I pointed out were both Fantasy *cheer* Anyhow...) As we argue, I'm drooling over The Summoning and Hunger Games, but both are nigh $20. And I don't feel like spending $40 on only two books... I'm thinking amazon sounds better. But still, setting both those books back down and walking away brought an awful feeling...
So we walk back to the cafe, where my sister and her friend are looking at beauty books *rolls eyes*. My friend has three books in her arms, and I'm feeling very left out. About this time I notice at the front bunches of $3.99 bins. I find myself running over with my friend tagging along, and frantically throw myself into the bins, scattering books across the store looking for one that suits me (okay, not really... but that's how I felt).
Pretty soon I had five books in my hand, each for $3.99. I've only heard of two of them, but that's okay... Here's what treasures I found.
1. Great Tree of Avalon, T.A. Barron. I've actually already read this one, but it was in hardback and an excellent book and $3.99.
2. 47, Walter Mosely. My friend said she's read it, and the cover was kinda cool... Though it doesn't look exceedingly interesting. But it was Hardcover and $3.99.
3. Out of the Wild, Sarah Beth Durst. Traci and Erin did a video trailer of the first book, Into the Wild, and it looked cute, AND it was hardback and $3.99.
4. Nacky Patcher and the Curse of Dryland Boats, Jeffry Klugger. I bought this purely for its title, cover, and the fact that it was hardback, and $3.99.
5. General Winston's Daughter, Shinn. This looked somewhat interesting, though it is a romance. My sister wants to read it, so I guess she'll tell me how it is *shrug*. But it has a pretty cover and it is hardback and... $3.99.

So that's my Borders adventure :)


  1. All hardcover for (oh my goodness) 3.99 each! That's a great deal! We don't have a Borders close by so I am a Barnes and Noble kind of girl. Their sales were very disappointing. But I got a least one from them!

    Your friend seems wise. I never really enjoyed talking animal books, either, but I am actually reading one right now, Ratha's Creature. Surprisingly, it's okay so far.

    Have a happy New Year, EmilyRuth! :)

  2. 47 is actually a pretty cool book. It's a mixture of historical fiction and science fiction. It was considered for the Wake County reads book last year. It's a weird book and takes unexpected twists. And it's not that long. If you like that historical and science fiction combo, try the book London Calling by Edward Bloor. And don't forget all books are free to check out and the library!

  3. girlwtb: I absolutely loved ratha's creature! I hope you do too :) The fifth book in that series just came out this year (I reviewed it) so just know there are many more in that series... ;)
    But I could have just liked it because I like animal books. *shrug*

    zee: thanks :) now I'm a little more interested in it!

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time at Borders!

  5. Borders rocks. I've never ever ever seen a single $3.99 bin, let alone bunches. :(

    Oh well -- glad you got stuff to read!


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