What's Better than a Belated Christmas?

I ask ye, what be better than a belated "Merry Christmas!"?
Okay, done with the pirate talk... but still.
Just when you thought it was all over, all the merry tidings long gone, someone (hint: this would be me) pops up and says "Belated Merry Christmas!" all over again. Can't you feel the drive of that Christmas spirit?
I know what you're thinking (I think), and you are correct. I haven't given up christmas yet. It's not over. So my Merry Christmas post is coming today.
(This has nothing to do with the fact I didn't have time/didn't decide to post yesterday. Nothing at all.)

So, with no further ado, pictures:
Here is the treeling I rescued. Its about half my height and would have been left out in the cold without a family, had I not rescued it on the 23rd. Now it is happy and safe with me, with a bow on top of its rich, lovely treeling boughs.

Isn't it adorable? I love my treeling.
I've had a lovely Christmas, but most of all I will miss the Christmas spirit and songs. I will miss saying "Merry Christmas!" to random people in grocery stores. I will miss the santa hats and reindeer antlers on cars. And I will miss seeing red and green everywhere and the smell of christmas trees.
But at least I can still get away with singing Christmas songs a couple more days...

EDIT: Just wanted to add that my favorite author wrote an amazing post on writing/publishing/otherstuff. Its right here.
EDIT EDIT: "here" is a link. Sorry if that's confusing...

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