Are You A Youtuber?

If you're a youtuber, you probably have a couple favorites.
TeensaWake, the Wake County Blog, is taking submissions for your favorite ones here.
They will make a DVD of the favorites and show it in Wake County Libraries during Teen Tech Week (March 8-12).

I'm still sifting through my favorites... but there's a bunch of good ones up already! Check them out, and post your favorite(s) :)


  1. Unfortunately, I'm not a Youtuber. But I have one question to ask: is Gathering Blue good? ;)

  2. Haha, I forgot that was on my reading widget...
    I read it a while back, so forgive me if I get some of this wrong :\

    I would describe it as sweet. There's not a huge plot, and it's a little short. The main character is well developed, but I kept expecting more from the others.
    It's also very original.
    So, it's not really one of my favorites, but it was a nice lazy-day read.
    (My friend, however, detested it. She doesn't like books about "underprivileged" characters.. haha)

    I didn't really feel like doing a review on it, because there wasn't much to say and... I'm lazy like that :D


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