You Pick My Cover :)

CreateSpace gave NaNoWriMo winners an opportunity to receive a free proof copy (like an ARC) in hopes that they continue on to self publish on amazon with them...
Well, I won't be self-publishing, but I DO get to design my proof copy.
So, as I put off editing, I've been working on my cover.
I want you to tell me which of these you like best, or whether I should keep working. PLEASE feel free to say they all suck :)



and 3.

*edit: here's my (very bad) synopsis to help :)
Melody's mother and sister died 2 1/2 years ago. Since then, she's been having fits (or hallucinations) where she sees her sister. Eventually, these fits and another death drag her away from her mountain to another town, where she hopes to get some kind of job to help provide for the rest of her family.
But she finds more than she expected.
Oh, set in 1915, tennessee mountains.

I need a better summary.

*edit2: Here's picture 2 with a new font (for you, erin). I think I like this one a bit better, you?



  1. I really like the second one but the last one takes my pick! :)

  2. They all rock so I don't have a favorite. All of them are AMAZING. Seriously.

  3. girlwtb: I liked the second one too.. personally the last two are my favorite :)

    maya: well you're helpful ;)
    But thanks!
    hm... if you HAD to chose one? Or else... or else...
    ehh. I take away all your pens and give you ones w/o ink. HA. just kidding :)

  4. I like all of them, but I guess it depends if you want more of a happy mood or a somber one. My favorites are the first and the second.

  5. I like the second image with the first font.

    My favorite overall is the second. Although #3 is so good...

  6. I like the first two best, actually. Although I'm not sure exactly what this book is about, I think the third cover is too dark. If I saw it somewhere I might not pick up up because it looks a little to dark/creepy.
    But on deciding between the first two, I'm having a hard time comparing because to me they convey completely different messages, one lighter, and one more pained. I guess it depends on how you want your book to come across.

  7. Thanks all of you for your help!
    Keep going! :) haha

    Oh, I've now posted an excerpt.

  8. I like the second one the best.


  9. I'm glad you guys are helping... :)

    Because now I like the third.

  10. Oooh, I love the last (edited) one! That's so cool! Try it with a more flowy font.

  11. You know what? I think your story will be the most brilliant EVER.

  12. aww thanks maya :) you're so sweet!

    even though I disagree... :P

  13. *sigh* Everyone disagrees with me when I give them compliments...

  14. After reading the summary, I think the third one is the best. It really portrays Melody in a...hallucinating mood. :)

  15. "hallucinating mood"
    haha... exactly ;) i think i portrayed that well

    Thanks for voting again! You can change your mind as much as you want

  16. I don't know...these are all amazing and I think you should go for something somber. The last one is beautiful.


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