Update, and a new Wuthering Heights

Well, since I haven't posted an update in a while, I thought I would.
I've put off editing my story for long enough (I've already formatted it and made a cover so there's nothing else I *can* do...). For my first run-through I'm on page 28/160 (these are 5.25x8 size, so don't freak out... it's not that long).
Apparently there's going to be a sequel to Hunger Games, which I am still planning to read... Yeah. It's on my list... somewhere. It's just, I get so many free books, when I actually have to buy one now, it's a little depressing.
I'm in the middle of The Otherworldlies, so there should be a review of that up soon. :)
I'm also in the middle of re-reading The Riddle, and soon I'll get The Crow back from my sister so I'll be all caught up for the release of the final installment of the Pellinor series... The Singing! Which I, of course, have a preorder of. *flaunts pre-order paper* Muahah.

So what's that about Wuthering Heights? Well, PBS is putting on an excellent version of it. The first episode (hour 1/2; there's only going to be two episodes) aired the 19th, but if you missed it you can watch it here. I really suggest watching it because it is excellently done, not at all cheesy, and way, way, WAY better than the other Wuthering Heights Movie. It even makes the book seem better.
The second half airs the 25th on PBS (at 7? or 9? or something...)
But watch it. It's worth it.
If you don't like it, you can always turn it off :)
Oh, but you may have to skip through two scenes, but you can do that easily using the little bar at the bottom; just click ahead and *poof*!

I also know the plot for my '09 nano, which I can't give away, but it's going to be hard-core fantasy, so get ready :D

On a random note... guitar's coming pretty well. I know my first scale and like two chords. Can't really play a "song" (a real song) yet, but maybe I'll get there. I'm entering a flute competition in March :)

Aaaand I have a couple books in the mail coming to be; but I'll tell you about those when I get them :)

My few alltime favorite drink: cranberry juice. I'm addicted to it. You should try it.

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  1. Ahhhhh guitar! I LOVE guitar. I don't know how to play it, though :(


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