Review: The Otherworldlies, Jennifer Anne Kogler

Fern has no idea who she is, but she (and everyone else) knows there is something different about her. Fern's skin blisters in the slightest sun, she can communicate with her dog, she has to wear sunglasses when she wakes up to get used to the light...Oh, and she can teleport.
No matter how neat these talents may seem, Fern is regarded as a "freak" at school. When her strange abilities land her on the beach (when she's supposed to be at school), everyone, including the evil Vlad, notices.
As soon as Fern realizes she can't explain away everything anymore, Lindsey Lin shows up. Popular, beautiful Lindsey Lin? Oh, yes. And Lindsey Lin is there to help, because they both have something in common.
They're Otherworldlies.

The Otherworldlies is a classic example of the underprivileged outcast who "saves the world". Yes, it was written well. Yes, Fern's suffering was easily felt and sympathized with. But the whole premise of the story changes once you figure out what an "Otherworldly" is. This revelation mostly ruined the book for me, as I was expecting an "Otherworldly" to be something original.
However, I did find that Kogler's characters and intensity kept the pages flipping and salvaged this book from being a horrific failure.

Rating: 3.5 Stars
Clean?: Clean.


  1. I've read this...yeah it was interesting and all, just now wow!!

  2. Sounds awesome.

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