(New) Wuthering Heights: Second Half.

I just watched the second half of the new Wuthering Heights (from PBS).
It was incredible. So very haunting, and all the characters portrayed exactly as I imagined them.
(Heathcliffe is much more handsome the second half I think.... but that's just what I think. But then he goes crazy and gets a lil creepy. But anyway.)
Watch it.
It's only available free for a couple more days, so HURRY! Otherwise you'll have to buy it or something; I'm not sure the PBS's materpiece theatre's are available from blockbuster/netflix.
Here's the link.


  1. that. pic. hahahaahahahahah :D

  2. they're in love.
    gosh traci.
    but you would like it.. there is lots of death and revenge and darkness. It's not like a happy love story... you read wuthering heights?

  3. i watched both parts..that was SUCH A GOOD MOVIE! oh my gosh. I looooooovved it!! I wanna see it again! haha

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