Completely Random Post... Blah

So, I was looking up the longest book in the world, after depressingly seeing that someone on NaNoWriMo has already written some 170,000 WORDS. Gah.
So, amidst my procrastinating, I found that apparently The Blah Story (Nigel Tomm) is the longest novel ever written. Now, I don't think this is true, but that's not the point. The point is what The Blah Story is about. (By the way, I think they said that because the story is made of like [19?] volumes).

Here is an excerpt I found from volume 16:
"As no one was blah any blah to blah, and no one blah needed blah, blah quietly blah blah away into the little blah where the blah were, and again blah a great blah of blah when blah saw the blah, the little old blah pressed blah to blah something, and blah agreed; after blah a blah with blah and talking to the blah of their blah, blah, not blah to blah back to the blah,"

No. I'm not kidding.
I found several different excerpts like this. I'm not sure whether to call it genius or immature. The fact that someone published this is amazing. But honestly, a whole book like this? I mean, I know it enhances the reader creativity, but still...
Just thought I'd share :)
Has anyone else heard of or read these books? Did you suffer through them or get used to it and enjoy it?
Do the people who haven't read it think they even could get used to it?
Honestly I think I would, but I would only make through about 50 pages before I start eyeing my beloved fantasy books again...


  1. Haha, wow. that would drive me nuts!

  2. Wow...that is...wow. It would annoy me to death, trying to read that!

  3. um, wow. no. i have never heard of that. crazy!!

  4. hey! you won a few books from my bookshelf runeth over contest, but i still don't have your info! i sent the books out today and i thought i had everyone's addresses but i didn't have yours to send you your books! please email me when you get a chance.


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