"Benden, Benden is our weyr"

I thought it time for a little update on Dragonsong. Rehearsals are great and our director, Steven, is amazing. I'm already learning SO much. It's a lot different from CCS drama, but I'm learning a lot more about acting in general.
We do warm-ups which is something I've never done before, but it really gets you concentrated and allows you to get in character. *Call me crazy!* But no, I've never done warm-ups for drama. It takes a little getting used to, making a fool of yourself. But it is good for me I believe.
At rehearsal last night we learned three songs. Two were amazing, but only our lead character Menolly sings those. The one I sing is just weird. *sigh* You get what you get :)
The kids who sing are adorable. They don't really know the notes yet and sing really loud, so everyone was cracking up. I felt kind of bad, but it was SO fun. Good memories. :)
Menolly has an incredible voice and it is perfect for the role. It's sweet and beautiful.

Oh, also, I am learning to play guitar. Just thought I'd add that in.
Happy Halloween!


  1. Being unafraid to make a fool of yourself is absolutely necessary for actors, in my opinion. :)

    Oooh! I'm trying to learn guitar too! (a very little bit...)

  2. I completely agree erin :) its so worth it in the end too

  3. haha, i'm so proud of you emily! When we started doing some of those exercises, your face was priceless. I just love that stuff...

  4. it really is fun once you get used to it.. haha
    shut up traci. :P just kiddin

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