Bonechiller Review

Danny and his dad are always on the run, moving from place to place, house to house. It all started with the death of Danny’s mother. For now, they’ve ended up in the chilly town of Harvest Cove. Danny is starting to like it there; he has a cute girl and some friends. But when an unfortunate event leaves him marked by a huge white animal with a killer growl, things start going downhill.

I haven’t read anything scary in a while, so Bonechiller was a nice refreshing dunk-in-the-bucket. It was written excellently and kept me engaged until the end. It was realistic (if you stretch your imagination, of course) and vivid in descriptions of the “Bonechiller”. The characters were well developed for a story of this length. Overall, I liked the book quite a bit.
Oh, just a note: there is a little bit of mature subject matter.. but just like a tiny bit.

Oh, I laughed so hard at this quote, I just had to post it. Sorry its so choppy, I had to shorten it because it was kinda long...
Right now, some guy's been writing a letter for the last ten pages ... Enough! Less scribbling, more killing!...
Miss Mercer gave us a choice for our English essays... I took [Frankenstein], expecting killing sprees.
But I'm twenty pages in, and the only thing that's died so far is my brain, from boredom.

(c) Graham McNamee (of course)
Sorry if you didn't think it was funny... I did ;) Maybe because us CCS people can relate haha


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