The Crow, Alison Croggon

Okay, just so you know, this is probably going to be a long post ;) Nah, it won't be that long.
The reason is, I have SO much to say about this book. But first, let me tell you about it.
The Crow, Croggon's third book in the Pellinor series, switches from Maerad to her brother Hem's point of view. Hem is at school in Turbanks with his mentor Saliman, but he's pretty bored and not enjoying his schooling at all. That is until, by a chance encounter, he meets Zelika, a fiery girl about his age. As the war heads to Turbansk, Saliman, Zelika, Hem and others must flee. Yet even after fleeing, danger still thickens the air. If there is anything Hem can do to help, it's going to be dangerous. But he might just have to risk it.

I'm just going to straight-out say that this series is, and will forever be, my favorite fantasy series. Yes, there are other amazing series out there (Ratha, etc.), and I won't go so far as to say its better than Harry Potter (I think I would probably be attacked), but it is at least equal to Harry Potter. Or at least I think it is.
The world of Pellinor is SO vivid and SO creative. Croggon has pages of information about the series in each book, pages about each character and each Elemental, the Annaren scripts, EVERYTHING.
If you are a fantasy reader, you will love this. Unless you are a Twilight fan and like lovely, terribly written, thin, but good plots. But even then, you still might like it. Just be ready for twists and turns and amazing lit all together.
How many more times can I say this is the best series ever? Can I say it again? Because it really is. Let me give you an idea about how good it is: I never cry in books because of people. I cry when animals die all the time in books, but never poeple. This is the first book I have cried in that did not have to do something with an animal. yeah! That's what I said; I cried. (DeAnna, I heard that gasp...)
The Pellinor books never cease to amaze me and go way beyond everything I imagine for them. You know, I read good books a lot, and I do good reviews. There's a lot of bad books out there. There's a lot of good books out there. There's a lot of excellent books. But there are only a few that are so incredible; books that should be remembered forever (I'm talking about Harry Potter, LOTR, etc.) I believe the Pellinor Series easily fits in with those.
One down side: The next book doesn't come out until March. :\
Oh, if you don't like it you can come and kill me. Then stuff your head in a toilet. ;)

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  1. hahahaha, i actually did gasp! so, fantasy is not really my thing, but i am going to read the first book and see how it goes. your review has convinced me to try it out! amazing review btw, miss writer!

  2. yay! *claps*
    I hope you like it :)


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