Oh where have the reviews gone?

So, life's been pretty busy for me :)
I've added a little NaNo widget on the sidebar, so you guys can see how dreadfully behind I am... But my book is coming okay. Seeing as I'm not allowed as much time on the computer because *certain people* think I'm spending "too much time" its hard to write as much as I need to.
SO, I haven't been blogging as frequently as a result :(
AND, I'm wayyy behind on reviewing Gabaldon Sisters. I may not end up posting my review here anyway, because I've been doing so many depressing reviews lately, haha. Maybe I should review another Clare Bell book :)
Well Traci has let me borrow Brisingr, so I finally get to read that after I finish Gabaldon, if I ever finish it.
Anyway, drama's going great, and I took a spontaneous trip up to DC to see the holocaust museum on Wednesday which was amazing and very eye-opening. I'll probably do a post about it later when I get my pictures fixed up and not like 13 miles big.
So I'm still alive, yes, and still reading and writing. Pray for me and my writing, because I'm near 5k words behind (which is a LOT incase you don't understand...)
Lets end on a positive note: I did win a flute contest and got to play in a winner's recital with a spectacular pianist. :) I also got to watch a workshop with floutist Ian Clarke who was amazing (and had a British accent.. a plus for me).
Hope you all are doing well, and a shout out to those doing NaNo: Good Luck! Hope you're doing better than me!


  1. Ok so first of all, a lot of people( including me) have never gotten as far as you have on NaNoWriMo, so there. Good job! :)

    I'm still jealous that you got to go the museum, but if you can post pics soon, i might forgive you :P

  2. Hi Emily,
    Friends of mine who have participated in NaNoWriMo have described how it can eat your life, so that is one reason I haven't tried it. Don't feel bad, though. Banging out a high number of words per day every day isn't easy, as I well know from facing publisher deadlines.

    I have also been behind on things such as updating my website, so I haven't yet posted the link to your review. I did, however, put a link on Twitter and in the Ratha Series Forum.

    If you would like to review another one of my books, please tell me which one and I will ask Imaginator Press to send you a copy.

    Thanks again,

  3. I would love to review another, thanks!
    I haven't read Ratha's Challenge yet, actually. I got the others on an interlibrary loan, but was a little busy to more than speed-read. Maybe I can remember enough to review those too though :)


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