Ratha's Courage

All right, so finally I can review Ratha's Courage. Sorry for the long wait!

This book follows a young prehistoric cat named Ratha, leader of The Named. The Named brandish a certain powerful tool they call Red Tongue (fire). It protects and warms them, and is also the reason for Ratha's exile in the previous books. Ratha knows the power of the Red Tongue; she knows how it can easily destroy and corrupt. So when another Clan needs help, Ratha is reluctant.
When she eventually does share the Red Tongue, things start happening that nobody saw coming.

After reading Ratha's Creature, it wasn't very hard for me to pick up Ratha's Courage. Author Clare Bell has opened the door on a glorious world of prehistoric animals. She describes them with rich and lovely detail. Through the twists of plot and struggles, she evokes surprisingly strong sympathy for the entire clan, not just Ratha.
This is a series that should be read by every fantasy lover, especially animal lovers. I cannot recommend them enough. Each character is painted with stunning reality and each conflict wretches your heart.

Now we just need to petition for more libraries to buy this series. Hopefully after all the amazing reviews of Ratha's Courage, the dimwits will take some notice. grr.
Or maybe I'll just buy them all...

(One note though... The books do contain some mild adult content. However, it is easily skipped over.)


  1. Thanks for the great review. I'm glad you liked it!

  2. "A glorious world of prehistoric animals" and "rich and lovely detail".
    And you really understood what the book was all about. Thank you so much!

  3. thanks for the arc Sheila :)

    and Clare thank you so much for writing this incredible series!

  4. Awesome review Emily!!
    I'm so proud of you!

  5. I had great fun writing the series and I'm thrilled that people are enjoying it.

    I have linked your page to my website, http://www.rathascourage.com (which has research for the series, as well as artwork and animation)
    and to posts on Facebook and other sites (I'm on those as user 'rathacat'), so that should generate some attention to your blog.

    I also have a Blogger blog on my site; The Scratching Log, about the research that went into the series.

    It's at http://www.rathascourage.com/scratchlog.html

    Thanks again,

  6. wow, again thank you!
    I love the sketches on your website by the way :)


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