To Sing of Dragons

So, audition results for Dragonsong are back, and both traci and I got parts :)
I will be a "woman of pern", which isn't a big role or anything, but then I wasn't expecting one, so I'm happy.
Apparently I get to sing... I'm wondering if they even heard me when they asked me to sing "happy birthday"? Hm, well too late now, because the role is MINE.
So I will be posting about rehearsals and everything later once they get going.
Sorry for the delay on Ratha's Creature and Ratha's Courage. Everything's a bit hectic over here with auditioning, schoolwork, flute contest coming up, horse shows, 4 books to review, and one amazing book to finish (3rd Pellinor book, The Crow).
So anyway, I'm still alive, just barely. ;)
I'm taking a break from school this week, so hopefully I should get everything caught up.
*update: finished Ratha's Creature, and reading Ratha's Courage. I will put both reviews out together.*


  1. yay, I'm so happy that you got a role! I knew you would! you blew them away and you know it! good luck with the singing!

  2. I'm so glad we are in the play together Emily! :) Oh and I like how you titled the post, it's great!

  3. i love how we are both #1 on our friends list...simply because we put it in alphabetical order, haha

  4. So glad you both got parts! I wish I could see you guys perform...

    Looking forward to your posts about it :D


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