I'm going to write a book! Um, a short story. No, a paragraph...

As you can see from the title, I'm going to be working on a story. I'm just going to call it that for now, so I don't get too heartbroken when I give up :(
I've been trying to write a book for a while now, and every time I start with a "good idea" it turns into a short story. Whether this means I'm not meant to write a book, my little hands are only meant to type short stories and introductions (lol), I'm not sure.
Have you any idea how many people have tried to write a book and failed? An uncountable amount I'm sure. So if you have tried to write a book and failed, you're not alone. Sometimes it might feel that way, but don't worry, it'll pass.
So I have started writing a "story" and I'm planning on making myself write 500 words a day. Which isn't very much, but considering schoolwork I have to do, and riding my horse, and practicing my flute, and procrastinating on Facebook (*wink*), I figure that is possible.
The tactic of making yourself write a certain amount of words a day is very helpful. And when it's not an outrageous number, you find yourself looking forward to writing! At least, I do.
I am also doing a composition workshop at writeathome.com, which has been amazing for me. I did the short story workshop in the summer, and I recommend it to EVERYONE, not just homeschoolers! Having a personal coach critique your writing in detail is beneficial, and they always have a positive attitude and are very professional.
Anyhow, I'll let you know how far I get on this story, and when I get writer's block. But no, I'm not giving away what I'm writing about... Sorry :)
I have about three books coming in to review, most exciting of all Ratha's Courage (Thanks so much, Sheila!). So be looking for those.
Feel free to tell your writing stories; it'll boost my morale. Haha, best of luck to those suffering with me :) Love yall.


  1. Don't worry, I've tried writing a novel more times than I'm willing to admit. Yeah...wow, a lot.

    I stick with short stories/sketches/poetry for now. ;) Someday hopefully I'll make it, though.

  2. There's no shame in writing short stories. Being able to write a good short story is challenging, and some writers are well-known as good short story writers. Novels are only one kind of writing.

    Ratha's Courage is on its way, and you should get it soon.

  3. YOUR WRITING A BOOK AND YOU DIDN'T TELL YOUR BEST FRIEND! GAH! you don't tell me anything, humpf!

  4. erin- i hope you do write a book in your lifetime; I love your writing!

    sheila- thanks :) and I received Ratha's Courage

    deanna- I know you read my blog, haha; and I probably wont finish it anyway. And I don't think its the type of story you like... but I could be wrong

  5. GO EMILY GO!!! Girl, i have started writing a bagillion stories that are still unfinished in my notebooks... don't worry about it!

    ooohhh, i can't wait for a review of Ratha's Courage. :)

  6. emily- i like all books. period.


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