Thoughts on Interview with Paulo Coelho

"The metaphore for journeys is the metaphor for life... Do we run to the end, to the goal, to death? No, we have to enjoy the journey."
These words that author Paulo Coelho spoke in his interview on the Harpercollins website (http://www.harpercollins.com/features/coelhovideo/index.aspx?WT.mc_id=NEWS_AUTK_CLHO-ALMSTLVE3_082508) are simple, yet somehow struck me more than "life is a journey" normally does. I think everybody understands the concept that life is short and we need to enjoy it, but yet we still run to the end. We are all here for a reason, obviously, so why do we rush half-heartedly through what we're supposed to do well? Steve Farrar wrote in How to Ruin Your Life By 40 that "[we] are immortal until [our] work is done". So that means we don't need to fear if we fall on our way up the ladder, because we won't die until we do what we have to. Take a chance, push your way up, and enjoy it.
I may not have made any sense with all of that, haha, but was written more for myself anyhow :)
aaand I was bored and wanted to write something, anything; and that quote started me...

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