Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

I read through these both too fast to stop and comment on them. It's so annoying with series, once you start it, no matter how bad the second or third book is, if the first one is good then you have to read them all.
But really, Eclipse wasn't all that bad. Except for the fact that the whole thing was basically edward vs. jacob. Grr. Jacob.
I don't like how Meyer turned Jacob's innocent crush on Bella into love. It seems to me like she was trying to drag it out. I mean, honestly, she could have completely left Eclipse out of the saga. But just my thoughts... of course, I still loved it. How does that work?

Ahh, Breaking Dawn. The 3 major pivots of the the series happen in this book. (I won't spoil for those who haven't read, don't worry). I wasn't quite as annoyed with Jacob's perspective as I thought I would be. It made me less angry with him, and you see how Bella's leading him on affects him (stupid bella!). I am glad more happened in the last book, but because Bella is out of school we lost that whole idea of vampire meets world. Now its more Bella becoming engrossed in the vampire world. This book is filled with powers and abilities and all other kinds of magical stuff that is so completely different from the first book, where everything was vague. I liked it better vague; it was more innocent and fun, and even believable. But when you read Breaking Dawn it becomes very noticable that it is a fiction book. That kind of depressed me... But it was a good ending, I suppose.

Can't wait for Midnight Sun! :D

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