New Moon

I've made my way to the second book of the twilight saga! As I eagerly opened my borrowed copy and made my way through the beginning of the book, I right away began to become depressed.
Yes, I could feel Bella's sadness. I was feeling it too.
Halfway through the book: still depressed.
Yes, the story was interesting. Of course I couldn't put it down, but without (*spoiler!*)Edward there, it felt like a whole section of the book was missing. For me, New Moon wasn't part of the Twilight saga until Edward came back.
But when he did come back?... Yes, then I couldn't put it down. Back to my Twilightical obsession :)

Over all, Meyers second book in the Twilight saga was okay for me. I missed Edward, and wish she would have brought him back sooner, rather than making her readers SO increadibly depressed for days on end. However, that is what makes a good book. And no matter how much we put this book down for being annoying and stupid; we're still addicted.

I hate Jacob. I can't explain it, and its probably not fair, but I do. grrr.


  1. ha! Ok, so I didn't really enjoy New Moon, but my reason wasn't because of Edward it was because of Bella. She just really really annoyed me. Oh and I actually am liking jacob more and more every day!


  2. I hate jacob too! and you're right! no matter how annoying it is, I'm still addicted!


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