Reviews: Velvet Bag Memoirs [Books 1 and 2]

by Hannah Greer
Illustrations by Tica Greer

The Magic Cottage: Book 1 [Velvet Bag Memoirs]
Summary: In this first installment, sister and brother Asa and Prentiss Fallmark find a magical land called 'Serendipity' while on vacation at their grandparents' house. The land is full of all kinds of magical things--talking dogs, an obsessive rabbit, a beautiful butterly. But most of all, it's filled with their imagination.
And imagination can get you into all kinds of trouble.

The Lighthouse Summer: Book 2 [Velvet Bag Memoirs]
Summary: In the second installment, the twins take off on another adventure (this time with their grandparents), and end up face-to-face with cousins they never knew they had. These cousins claim that, like themselves, Asa and Prentiss are sprites. Asa and Prentiss aren't quite sure what to think of this, but when the cousins lead them to a lighthouse, all that that is certain is that another adventure is about to begin...

I must confess I'm not quite sure what to think of these. While possessing a fairly large amount of excitement and adventure, neither of the books really have a main 'purpose' or climax. It's more a bunch of short stories. Because of this, I would suggest them as a read-aloud for younger children. They are great for children going into school because Hannah Greer sneaks in a bunch of educational information (very cleverly, may I add!) that will undoubtedly make it easier for children to remember.
The illustrations are very cute, but unfortunately in black in white. I think they would be more attention-grabbing in color, but we can't have everything, can we? They aren't 'professional', per se, but I think younger children would like them :)
Velvet Bag Memoirs could appeal to both boys and girls. I suggest them as a read-aloud (as I said before) for children.

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