Harry Potter: Audiobook or Not?

I'm going to let you decide the format in which I read the last Harry Potter book.
You all know I'm absolutely in love with the audiobook.

But I have a friend who wants me to read it in the regular format.

...while I want to read it in audiobook format.

So I'll let you choose:
Audiobook or Regular?


  1. I think it's best to read the last one in the regular format. Although audiobooks are great, reading it regularly lets you savor the words and appreciate the writing and story better (I think). When I read HP 7, I kept referencing back to earlier pages, and that would be hard to do with an audiobook.

  2. You could read along with the narrator. The HP narrator is so awesome! But I enjoy having the physical books.

  3. all right, I'll go for the book...

    (though honestly I can't grumble.. In any case, I'm reading the LAST BOOK.)


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