Thoughtful Thursdays (a.k.a. when I have nothing better to post on)

I'll be starting Thoughtful Thursdays when I have nothing better to post. I'll just tell you something interesting that has happened in the world, and you can tell me what you think (or not... if it bores you. You can even say it bores you if you like. I'll be that kind).
Anyone else feel free to join in! I'd like to see what else you guys can bring up :) But its your choice...

So, here's mine:

Apparently, KFC uses beef flavoring in their chicken. Does this ruin it for you? Should this still be classified as "real chicken", even if the amount of beef is small?

or does the beef contaminate the chicken and make it some other substance we have yet to name, unfit for humans to eat?


  1. I think it should be fine as long as KFC tells the customers about the beef. People should know what they are eating.

  2. Three words. Chicken fried steak.


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