Spotlight: Illustrated Guide to Religions

by James A. Beverley

Introducing the big, bad Illustrated Guide to Religions, a brilliant composition of explanations of, and facts about, over 200 different religions, sects, and cults.
IGR is a gem among books. Beverly answers critical questions and offers well-composed analyses that sit next to information on religious leaders, histories of the religions, and resources for research. He dives into new religions and clearly expresses how to judge the authenticiy of each. All of this is tied together with brilliant photos, into a one-of-a-kind book for old and young alike.


I could get lost in this book for hours, as it’s more in story-form than textbook-form, but still exceedingly informative. The pictures are beautiful and spunk Illustrated Guide to Religions up a little, so there aren’t [600+] straight pages of words to read through. The facts, stories, and backgrounds are interesting and well-explained. Considering there are over 200 religions discussed, Beverly is still very thorough in each. For anyone who is interested in learning about other religions in an un-biased perspective (there is an excerpt at the beginning about defending Christianity, but otherwise the book is purely informational), I highly recommend you try this book first. I’ll certainly be spending hours in it—the thing never ends!

5 Stars

644 Pages

Released May 19, 2009


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