Review: Shadowed Summer

Summer in Ondine would have been boring as any other if Iris and her friend Collette hadn't been able to make up stories in the graveyard about the disappearance of the 'Landry Boy' years before. But when Iris claims she sees his ghost, things get tricky.
And then they just get dangerous...

Review: I was really excited for Shadowed Summer, but honestly, it let me down. There was a good amount of witchcraft and kind of a 'horror' aspect, rather than a honest-to-goodness ghost story. But that's my preference speaking. The witchcraft aspect just creeped me out in a not-good kind of way.
It was, however, rather well-written. You could place the characters easily by the way they spoke, and I really felt the 'aura' of the story. I just didn't like the aura.
Shadowed Summer is definitely a quick read, and pretty tense throughout. There isn't really a dramatic climax, it just kind of... comes. And there was one part of the 'revelation' that threw me. And definitely creeped me out more than anything else.
So in conclusion, though I did like the mysterious characters, love triangle, and I think Saundra Mitchell did a good job writing this story, I didn't feel much for the story itself. I wanted a ghost story. And this was... a story about a ghost. Does that make sense? Probably not.

2.5 Stars
Rating: PG for witchcraft and some frightening elements
Length: 183 Pages
Released: February 10, 2009 (yes)

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  1. I won this in a contest and it sounds pretty good. Thanks for letting me know not to set my hopes too high. Great review!


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