Taco Bell Helps Teens Graduate!

So I got an email (an email I would normally delete right away, but I'm bored and feel like I should post about this just because I can. HA.) from the Taco Bell Foundation.

Apparently they are trying to raise money to help kids graduate high school, which I think is really neat. It's not a donation or anything, all you have to do is eat at Taco Bell on Thursday, April 23. 15% of all proceeds will go to help teens graduate!

Which isn't too bad, so long as you like Taco Bell, right?

Just so long as you like Taco Bell.

And it's only one day... so what can those calories really hurt, right?


  1. I think thats really awesome of them!

  2. Haha I do love some Taco Bell, should I eat it, of course not. I think I may indulge on this day, it's a really great cause 8)

  3. We don't have a Taco Bell where I live. Or a Wendy's. Or a Pizza Hut. Or a McDonald's. Or a Tim Hortons. Or a... this could go on for a while, lol. My town is tiny :P


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