Review: The Book of Jude by Kimberley Heuston

When Jude's mother wins a Fulbright, their family has to leave behind America and all its joys for a new life in Prague. But the trip is harder than it should be on Jude, and it tempers with her sanity. As Jude struggles to control herself and her feelings, the world around her breaks into fights as well. Only Jude's sisters and a kind lady seem to be able to help at all. But will it be enough?

So the premise sounds amazing, doesn't it? But the action didn't really start until like 3/4 through. It's nice that I get a background on Jude's story, but I was hoping for a little more excitement. It seemed like all the sudden Jude went crazy, and then all the sudden there's the climax. But it definitely held my attention when Jude's mind did start to go.
The characters were solid and I loved the relationship with Jude and her fraternal twin, Merry. It seemed very real, as they weren't always "you're my favoritest person in the whole world" but you could tell they still loved each other very much.
As I said, it takes a while to really get into the story, but if you can make it all the way through, I think you'll enjoy The Book of Jude quite a bit, for its originality and depth.

Rating: 3.25 Stars
Clean?: Clean
Length: 217 Pages
Publisher: Front Street
Released: April 2008

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  1. This looks really cool--will def try to read it very soon.


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