Review: Savvy by Ingrid Law

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The Beaumonts have always been special--it's in their blood. It's like this: whenever a member of the family turns 13, that person get's their "savvy". The savvy can be humane (i.e. perfection) or terribly dangerous (i.e. moving mountains).
Now it is Mib's 13th birthday, and she knows her savvy is going to be great. Especially since one of her brothers creates hurricanes and the other controls electricity. But Mibs wakes up to find her father in a coma, no savvy in sight, and no ride to the hospital. Well, no ride until the bus comes along.
And then the bus heads in the wrong direction--away from the hospital.

A delicious mixture of innocence, fun, and creativity, Savvy was to me a book like no other. I adored all the characters and development (such incredible development for a children's book!). And I can I talk about the creativity again? WOW. It had me from the first page.
Savvy is a book teens and children will enjoy, if you like the genre.
Obviously, there were some things I could think of that wouldn't make sense if it was real, but I thought it was wonderful how Law brought together the whole idea that everyone has a kind of 'savvy', everyone has something they do especially well- be it kindness, humility, cooking a wonderful cherry pie, etc. etc.
If you're looking for a book to make you feel better and cheer you up, THIS IS IT. I'm positive I'll reread it one day. If I remember. In any case,

Rating: 5 stars.
Clean?: Yes. It should be. It's a children's book.
Length: 342 (reads like 250 in my opinion)
You'll like it if you like: creativity, "feel-good" books, some magic (not alot)
You probably won't like it if you like: chick flicks and the like


  1. hey, this looks really good!
    great post emily:-D

  2. This is such a fabulous book! It was so much fun to read.

  3. Sounds totally cute and fun 8)

  4. You have been quite on the reading streak, EmilyRuth! These are great reviews and I have to agree. Savvy is very creative! :)

    Happy Easter and enjoy the most good books you can,


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