Review: Envy by Anna Godbersen

You haven't seen scandal and secrets until you've glimped Manhattan, early 1900's. At the very heart of it are Holland sisters Elizabeth and Diane, their previous servant Carolina Broad, and the newly married Mrs. Penelope Schoonmaker. Since Elizabeth's devastating return home, and Penelope's marriage to heart-throb Henry Schoonmaker, the scandal has only worsened.
Because we all know Henry only married Penelope for one reason, and that his heart lies elsewhere.
And of course, there's Carolina's tentative resources.
But another socialite has a secret she doesn't even know about yet...

Three cheers for the Godbersen's third book in the scintillating Luxe series. But before you get too excited, can I share about my headache? Because all the secrets and misconceptions and everything get a LITTLE annoying. And honestly, if people could just keep their pants on things would be a whole lot easier.
But then there wouldn't be a series now would there? *guffaw*
These books are only for a certain group of people that will love them. I don't love Godbersen's writing, and the constant descriptions of all the beautiful people get a little old (I GET IT. ELIZABETH and DIANA and PENELOPE and CAROLINA are pwetty! I get it. I really, really get it.). But I think if you skip past that, there's a pretty well developed plot behind it all.
My favorite part? The ending.
It's just as spectacular as the ending for Rumors, which wasn't heartwarming, but DEFINITELY unexpected. The same for Envy.
So I liked it, and I'll read the next book (called Splendor incase you haven't heard), but.. eh. It's only for those who like historical scandal. Unfortunately, I happen to be one of those.

Rating: 4 Stars
Clean?: Sexuality, some language
Length: 405 Pages
Most like: Bewitching Season (except this is fantasy...)
(and no, I'm not entirely sure what my *guffaw* sounds like...)


  1. it seems too superficial for me. yes, i did watch 2 seasons of gossip girl, so i can't really talk, but i get bored just reading gossip...

  2. What is exactly a *guffaw* lol ? Do I sound it out to get the desired effect?

    Anywho, just wanted to let you know an award awaits you here:


  3. haha cheers for gossip girl! I'm still absolutely positive I'm going to enjoy these... when I get around to reading them :)

  4. I love this series. I can't wait for Splendor! Great review and I am glad you liked the book! And I couldn't agree more about all the little lies and secrets. They do tend to get a little annoying and confusing.


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