Waiting on Wednesday: The Singing


It's the last of the Pellinor Series. It's going to be incredible. It's coming out the 24th of February.

"The Singing" follows the separate journeys of Maerad and Cadvan, and their brother Hem, as they 
desperately seek each other in an increasingly battle-torn land. The Black Army is moving north and Maerad has a mighty confrontation with the Landrost to save Innail. All the Seven Kingdoms are being threatened 
with defeat. Yet Maerad and Hem hold the key to the mysterious Singing and only in releasing the music of the Elidhu together may the Nameless One be defeated. Can brother and sister find each other in time to fight 
the Nameless One, and are they strong enough to defeat him? 

Basically, Alison Croggon is my favorite writer, Pellinor is my favorite series, and this is the last book in the series. So to me this is like the last Harry Potter book coming out to HP fans. Heavens, I even made a desktop background that is "The Singing" themed, with a little "M+C" heart, because we all know that Maerad and Cadvan have to fall in love. I'm freaking out over here with my Preorder slip that I got at Christmas, and can't wait for this book to come in that beautiful brown Amazon box. 
All other books in my room will bow down to it that day... except my Bible of course. But anyway.


  1. Yay! I haven't read these books yet, but I'm happy for you. :)

  2. Haha. That's very clever. Your books bowing down?

    I also haven't read the Pellinor series but I've heard a lot of good things about it which has now made me add it to the on-going list. *opens Notepad to 'To-Read' list*

  3. ahh.. you have a list too? :) haha, I think all of us bloggers do. It's amazing how much more you hear about books when you blog, instead of going on a treasure hunt through the library!

    And yes, my books will bow down XD


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