Movie Review: Stardust

So, I don't normally review movies, but this one was just incredible, and so different from my expecations. Let me give you a summary:

Clumsy Tristan has done the unthinkable: he has crossed the Wall to find a fallen star for his beloved, Victoria, because she will only accept his hand in marriage if he gets it for her. But when Tristan reached the star, it isn't quite what he expected.. And other people want the star too.

Well it's a short synopsis, but I don't want to give anything away. Honestly, I hadn't picked this movie up before because I thought it looked really cheesy. But no, it was very far from cheesy. The actors were perfect (and mighty nice looking, may I say?), the humor was spot-on, and the ending just perfect. This movie is actually based off of the book by Neil Gaiman (author of The Graveyard Book, which won the Cybils award and the Newberry. Woot!), so obviously the story line is just fantastic.
Even if you don't normally like fantasy, watch this movie. I guarantee you'll laugh and end up liking it. Let me repeat: it is not as cheesy as it looks!


  1. I love this movie! But the book Stardust was horrible...it wasn't as "happy."

  2. really priya? I was planning on reading the book since I saw the movie, just because the movie was so good :)

    for once, a movie is better than the book. weird. :)

  3. I really liked the movie, too! And, like you, I wanted to read the original, but...it wasn't as good. It wasn't horrible, but I found it to be rather anti-climatic. Maybe I would have really liked it if I hadn't first seen the film version, but I don't know.

  4. Neil Gaiman rocks my socks. :D


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