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Been missing me? Yeah, I thought so.
Well now that NaNo is over (and yes, I'm a winner! Look at my pretty badge thingy at the side over there -->) I have time to review the pile of books I have accumulated.
Lets see, I won a ARC of Tender Morsels, so that will come first. It is a little long (don't let the page numbers fool you...), but it will be first.
Then will come The Fetch, which I am SUPER excited to read. It sounds really good and I haven't been looking forward to a book in a while. Just reading them as they come, you know? Actually, I've hit on a couple of ones that sound good coming up.
Then after that will be the three I won in a give-away:
The Otherworldlies (Yay! I know)
Pillage (ALWAYS wanted to read it!)
Me, The Missing, and the Dead (sounds fantastic, but haven't heard much about this one)

Oh, and then there's Brisingr, which I probably won't review because there are a million out there already. But maybe I'll do a "what Emily Ruth is thinking... page by page". Just the thoughts that come into my head. That would be fun.

In the meantime, there is school to do and a novel to critique. I actually swapped a novel with someone because I am very frightened to look at mine. I edited the first page and it took me like forever. I couldn't believe I wrote it. So, I'm letting someone else do my dirty work and I'm doing theirs ;) haha, poor things...

Good shells and shards, I've got to study! (wink wink)

*EDIT: Okay, so it may be a little longer than you think before the next review... I am now editing two and possible three other stories in return for them editing mine (can you tell how freaked out I am? haha) So yeah. Still working on the first. All my time reading is in the car, and even then... well, I like it this way anyway :) Still, all those wonderful books piled up...


  1. I'm so proud of you Emily! Your novel rocks!

    The Otherworldlies? no way!! :D

  2. I wanna read your story sometime!

    Ooh, I really want to read Tender Morsels.

  3. its AMAZING, but very... er, violent?

  4. oh, tender morsels not my story.

    my story is just pathetic and you don't want to read it :D

  5. Congratulations on your successful NaNoWriMo!

    And despite how pathetic you think your story is, I really want to read it too!


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