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So the other day I got an email from this amazing person named Lindsey from Eva Perry library, asking me to write for their blog. Of course, I was bouncing up and down by then and accepted :)
I have to say that blog is pretty awesome. There are book reviews, movie reviews, information about book discussions and community service opportunities, and more. So feel free to make your way over there (even if its only to read my brilliant posts... I know you love me, you silly things).

Anyway, just thought I'd share :)
LoveEm. (<- pretty sweet, no? I came up with it mehself.)


  1. That's awesome! Good luck!

  2. Emily, not sure if you know already, but your first post for Flip The Switch received 6 comments. Great job!

  3. woah.. 6? no way!
    I'll do another post soon, I promise :)


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