Review: Severed Ties (Vol. 1)

by Kevin Krohn
(isn't that last name awesome? I think so...)

Summary: Nyne Harper has been on the run with her father ever since she can remember. She's trained hard--she can plan, fight, defend, and kill. She wants to avenge her family's death, but it's getting harder all the time.
You can't question yourself when you're a murderer, unless you want to get caught.

Review: Severed Ties (Vol. 1) is officially my first thriller about murder and the what-not. To tell the truth, I was worried. The cover's cool, and it sounded neat, but... let's face it, I'm a girl who reads fantasy.

But I couldn't put Severed Ties down. It defines the term 'action-packed'.
To make it even better, the pages were kind of small and well-spaced, so I felt like I was reading really fast. Which is a plus when I'm choosing between that and a 350 paged single-spaced book looming at me. It's just easier to pick up the quick read.
Nyne was suprisingly well developed, and I liked the insight into her head. Krohn did an excellent job getting inside the female mind. The little bit of romance will attract us girls to read it, but there isn't so much that it will annoy guys. And trust me, because too much romance sickens me as well.
The plot. The plot. The plot.
THE ACTION. was fantastic. It definitely built tension (--oh wait, I already talked about this didn't I? eh... let me talk some more) and excitement the whole way through. There was no 'slow section' and the killing didn't get old and wasn't too gruesome (now I sound cold-hearted..). It was just emotional enough.
My only complaint would be that some of the formatting messed up in places, and got a little distracting.

4 Stars
PG for violence and some language
178 Pages
Already Released (Vol. 2 Released 6/30/09)

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