Review: The Musician's Daughter

by Susan Dunlap

Summary: When the body of Theresa's beloved musician father is found near a gypsy camp, Theresa isn't just distraught. She wants to find out what happened. But how can she when their family has no source of income, her mother is ordering her to visit a matchmaker, and no one will tell her anything?
Theresa sets out on her own to find out what happened, and it brings a whole lot more trouble than she expected.

Review: I had high hopes for Musician's Daughter, because the cover looked decent, it's a murder mystery, it has to do with music, and Theresa is on speaking terms with Haydn. The Haydn. For those of you who don't know, he's a really famous composer.
But honestly, it was kind of slow.
It started out great- murder, creepy necklace no one knew about, cute guy, hot chocolate... you know, just little things that pull you in. And that lasted at the most about 100 pages or so. And then we're left with a creepy rich uncle, a main character that's basically wandering around looking for answers, much confusion, and no solid characters. By solid characters I mean that none of the characters besides Theresa are really developed. They are just there. I felt this most with Haydn, who I was really looking forward to read about. Who cares whether the account is fiction!? I want to see this guy! I got a little bit of him, but there were almost too many characters that Theresa had to jump around too much between them.
So the slow part lasted another 150 pages or so.
And THEN... then we got to the exciting part. Action, revelations, Theresa actually thinking and working things out, murders, people locked in dark places. yaaaay!
But the characters? They remain flat. (spoiler warning...) Theresa kisses boy. Honestly? I didn't feel the pull. I mean, the guy's cool, he comforts her, but they haven't ever had a conversation really. They just *look* at each other and decide they're in love. (I might be taking that too far...)
All in all, I wasn't really impressed. It didn't have as much as I wanted about Haydn. There were too many characters, so they ended up pretty flat. There wasn't enough about music. The murder mystery was good, but slow during the middle.
It was... okay.

2.5 Stars
336 Pages

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