Review: Umbrella Summer by Lisa Graff

Ever since her brother died in a freak accident, all Annie Richards thinks about is preventing herself from getting hurt. But when her agliophobic life keeps her from being a kid and having fun, people start to notice. Annie doesn’t really mind, though—if they want to get hurt, that’s their problem. She’d much rather wrap up her ankles (to prevent sprains), wear a helmet in the car (in case of a crash), and wear elbow and knee pads and go extra slow on her bike (so she doesn’t fall and get hurt).
She does mind the change in her family and misses how close they used to be, though.
But putting down your umbrella and letting the sun shine can be difficult, especially when you’re afraid it might just rain.

Umbrella Summer gives a touching and sweet look at the challenges one girl faces when her brother dies. It’s the book you’ll finish and go:
I picked Umbrella Summer for the cover (which is brilliant and adorable and perfect, might I add!), but the story inside is just as sweet. It is a children’s book, and you can tell because of the spacing and writing, but I think this is a book some YAs might enjoy as well, especially considering it won’t take that long to read anyway.
Annie is a lovable and sweet protagonist that doesn’t want you to feel sorry for her. The storyline is very real and common, but the whole ‘umbrella’ idea gives Umbrella Summer that extra little ‘umph’… imho :)

Rating: 4 (YA)/5 (Children)
Clean: Yes.
Length: 239 Pages
Released: June 2009


  1. Wow, I just finished this book too! I completely agree with your review--it was a fabulous book.

  2. OOH! I haven't heard of this one. But it sounds great.

  3. You got two awards! Go check out my blog! http://amazeofbooks.blogspot.com/


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