Thoughts: Brisingr, by Paolini

1. Okay, so no one told me that they change the Inheritance Trilogy into a Cycle of 4 books! And I was waiting for Saphira and Eragon to defeat Galbatorix throughout the whole book... sigh.

2. I liked the chapters from Saphira's POV a lot. Very funny, very clever, Paolini. 

3. If you liked Eragon and Eldest, you will no doubt like Brisingr.

4. If you didn't like Eragon and Eldest, you will no doubt dislike Brisingr. 

5. I'm still trying to figure out what the point of Brisingr was. Did anything that important really happen? I mean, besides two objects Eragon gains, nothing else really happens... nothing important anyway.

6. Overall, it was alright. If you read the first two book, just read Brisingr. I have a feeling it will somehow be important for the last book, though I have no idea how. If you didn't read the first two, don't read Brisingr. Out of order is the worst thing that could happen to this cycle. Still, Eragon was probably the best book out of this series.

7. And when is there going to be a new Eragon movie?


  1. i really need to read this. I'm so behind on my tbr list!
    I actually thought the movie was dissapointing...

  2. Don't take my word for this, but I'm pretty much positive there won't be another movie, since the first one basically bombed in box offices...

  3. no, I agree! I meant a new as in.. someone else produce a new Eragon movie.
    Like someone else try again.

    The first was very disappointing :(

  4. I totally agree on point 5. I can count the number of events in Brisingr that may have relevance to the overall plot arc on one hand. I think Paolini needed to get himself a really good editor who wouldn't be afraid to tell him to cut out half the book. It would have been much better that way, and then he could have kept it a trilogy!

    I don't think they are going to make a next movie, considering that everyone hated the first one. :P

  5. This was my least favorite Inheritance book so far. :-( Certain characters seemed changed too much, and I got tired of reading about Roran's different mutilations.

    Whew, I'm glad you meant another book-to-movie adaptation! Eragon was THE WORST adaptation of a book I have ever seen, and one of the worst movies period.


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