Review: The Singing, by Alison Croggon

(I think it deserves a nice big picture)

As Sharma's forces grow stronger, Maerad and Hem desperately seek to find each other.  Hem's travels with Saliman land him with a group of players, while Maerad and Cadvan toil through Innail and confrontations will evil, including the Landrost, and Elidhu. But even if they find each other, will Maerad's growing powers prove to be too much for her to handle?

That is an awful summary if I've ever seen one, but the truth is The Singing is almost 500 pages and very complicated and impossible to decently summarize without giving too much away. In any case, like the first three Pellinor books, The Singing is quite truly perfect. As the last installment, it presents a deeper side to all of the characters, a wild and fantastic journey, and a bittersweet conclusion to the series. It's pointless to say anything but this: if you like fantasy (most like Tolkein or Tamora Pierce), you will love The Pellinor Series. It has been my favorite for years and I believe it will always be my favorite. 
You have no idea how depressed I am that its over, that there will be no more bickering between Maerad and Cadvan, no more Arkan, no more of the sweet Silvia, no more of the brilliant Saliman. It's very depressing, but the ending is quite perfect. The Pellinor Series will most definitely be passed on to my kids one day as an epic tale of light, darkness, love, and an incredible depiction of true fantasy :)

Rating: 5 stars 
Clean?: Clean
Length: 470 pages (including appendix)
Most like: Tamora Pierce books

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  1. Great review! :)

    It's awesome that you have a book that you want to pass on to your kids. That makes me wonder if I have a book I want my future kids to read. That's something to think about!

    The Pellinor series sounds great but I have a whole pile of books at the moment and getting lots more to review in the mail. I just wish I could sit down at the library like I did before I started reviewing, and just ... browse.

    I think I may also have a goal for this year. *making a mental note* Read the Pellinor series!

  2. And you, my dear, are quite something yourself.


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