Review: Madapple, by Christina Meldrum

Aslaug has lived alone with her mother almost all her life. So when
 something happens to her mother, and Aslaug is accused, she runs away to find her aunt. But things are different than Aslaug expected. New problems arise, new temptations, and Aslaug must figure out how to deal with them all, and ultimately, how to separate the truth and the lies.

Madapple, Christina Meldrum's debut novel, was in a word, weird. It was so weird. But that doesn't mean I didn't like it. Meldrum's style is brilliant, and I found the different point of views to bring a certain mysterious quality that wouldn't otherwise be there. Madapple has its own feeling to it, unlike any other book I've read. 
I would have expected this book to be written in first person, because of all the focus on the feelings of Aslaug, but I must applaud Meldrum's ability to keep it in third person and still bring in vast emotions. Aslaug is always a mystery, always making you think. In truth, the readers don't figure out what is true and what is false until the last, like 50 pages!
Which brings me to this-moments of Madapple will bore you. The perspective of the interviews/whatever they're called for Aslaug's case will be annoying with all the "objection"s. It's neat at first, but then it does get a little annoying, but if you suffer through that little dip in the middle and make it to the end, you won't be sorry.
There were moments in Madapple when my jaw dropped and a "wow" came out. It's stunning how Meldrum can surprise her readers, yet keep the storyline so intact. It's strange. It's beautiful.

Rating: 4 Stars
Clean?: Some language, some sexuality
Length: 407 pages
Most Like: Tender Morsels, by Margo Lanagan


  1. This looks good--great review. Also love the book's title, it's so awesomely bizarre.

  2. Looks good I love the cover!

  3. I have both this and Tender Morsels in my pile and I am really looking forward to both.

  4. sadako- I completely agree! that's what attracted me in the first place, actually :) haha

    jen- me too! it's even more brilliant in person

    lenore- I think you'll really enjoy both :)

  5. hey lady. just had a chance to thank you for your UC review!! (on my blog)


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